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Recording Sessions
Loud Box Recording Studio is the place to record your music.  We have the professional gear, the ability to help you create, and above all, we have an atmosphere in which you can thrive.  We offer tailor made recording packages that can be sculpted to fit your needs.  Whether you have a single song to include one instrument to a large production with a full band, we provide you with the value you need to move forward in your career or fulfill a long time dream.  Loud Box Studio can help you create that demo, EP, or full length CD within a price range you can afford.   

Contact us at​ [email protected] to arrange your free consultation.  
Loud Box Studio is the place to record your podcasts without breaking the bank.  LB7 Studio can help you engineer your podcasts to establish, capture, and grow your audience.  Podcast packages are available in many different options from hourly to per podcast or even to per podcast series, LB7 Studio can help you. 

Contact us at​ [email protected] .    
Loud Box Studio is a great place to learn music.  The studio now holds daily piano lessons for many different age groups from beginner to advanced.  Piano lessons are instructed by Maddie Oistad and can be scheduled in half-hour block sessions almost any day of the week. 

With an established group of students already learning the joy of playing the piano, contact us at​​ [email protected] to arrange your introductory lesson.
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