Loud Box Recording Studio Testimonials

  1. Jed Wiley
    "Before meeting Jon and working with LB7 I was just a guy who wrote songs and told stories. Never could I have dreamed my music could sound like this. Great people, great musicians, and true professionals. I've had the time of my life recording these songs!"
  2. Bill Dutton
    "I love collaborating with LB7 Studio…Jon is a joy to work with and he provides a relaxed atmosphere that really lends to getting the creative juices flowing."
  3. Kelsey Norene
    "I had such a great time working with Jon and his associates at LB7 Studio on my first single and EP. They provide professional recording services and are a joy to work with. LB7 helped me take my original songs and turn them into the finished product I had hoped for!"
  4. Amy Wood
    "Working with LB7 has been a great experience. They are genuine people who provide a creative working atmosphere. Hard working and helpful, they offer state of the art equipment and have a handful of other willing artists who are wonderful to collaborate with. I highly recommend using them for your recording needs."
  5. Tai Mahawon
    "Working with LB7 Studio was such a great experience, they are very professional and have such a huge heart and passion in getting the perfect sound for the artist who is recording with them. It was awesome getting to know everyone over at LB7 and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!"
  6. Cody Stewart
    "I had an excellent experience working at LB7 Recording Studio. Great gear and high quality tone!"
  7. Jeremy Walker
    "Jon is so gracious with his time, creative with adding to a superb end result and tenacious at quickly finding just the right addition (or subtraction for that matter!) to fit with your song. So thankful for him."
  8. Nathaniel Rodriguez
    "Get yourself to this studio ASAP! Relaxed and professional at the same time, Jon will ensure that you are creating the sound you are looking for and make it even better. From Irish folk/rock to glockenspiels, his vision and expertise is uncanny, and his ear is always in tune for the subtle intricacies that can make or break a recording!"
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